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1 August 2007 / dublinknitters

Hello Dublin Knitters!

I am living through this knitting revolution as a knitting enthusiast.

Knitting has transformed itself from a hobby to a chic/elegant/ hip/ trendy lifestyle.

Social events such Stitch n Bitch sessions throughout the city and our successful WWKiP Day 2007 have taken knitting out of the home and out on the town…either at a café, pub or on the public transit.

I love to socialize with other witty knitters. I enjoy the weekly night out at the Knitting Club in Rathmines. Then there are the bimonthly gatherings at the City Centre SnB in Temple Bar on Saturdays.

If only, I had more time and be able to attend all the knitting groups in Dublin. I have yet to get out to Santry and Celbridge. But I need to be realistic with my life commitments…

There are many blogs, online communities and websites based in Dublin. I’ve only added one more to the ever growing Dublin knitting community…

Welcome to the Dublin Knit Collective…a place to brew knitwit ideas.



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  1. Ciara / Aug 2 2007 11:08

    Hey there,
    sounds like a great idea to get together thoughts and ideas on knitting groups in Dublin. Have yet to attend one but am definately about to start….good luck!

  2. Sara / Aug 2 2007 11:11

    Hey Diane

    Great idea!! Will be adding you to my list and checking often..

  3. Geraldine Stanley / Aug 2 2007 12:25

    Hi Diane,

    Great idea, would love to see you at the Omni (Santry) S’n’B. We’re meeting tonight 2nd August but will be meeting every Thrusday from 1st September onwards. Geraldine

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