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19 September 2007 / dublinknitters

what is out there…

I am just getting around to posting this…

Laura arrived at the City Centre SnB last Saturday with several balls of Rowan Kidsilk Mohair. She was not able to pass up this wonderful deal of 6 euro a ball… “at this price, it is almost free.”

Like true knitting fanatics, several of the witty knitters left the cafe promptly at 2pm and made their way to the Dublin Woollen Mills to purchase the sale item. They also had some Rowan Biggy yarn for sale.

As of 2pm today, the store had a couple of balls left in the ecru, brown, fushia and black. The staff at the store stated that they will no longer sell this yarn since their customers thought it was “too expensive.”



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  1. jellyknits / Sep 23 2007 0:45

    Aw shucks…. I was only in there a couple of weeks ago and bought 4 balls of Kildsilk at full price!!!

  2. Péitseoga / Sep 23 2007 23:21

    Hold on.. the last time I was in Dublin Woolen Mills, which was last winter I think, they only had a few balls of acrylics, and when I asked about natural fibres the sales assistant said they don’t really do wool, more fabrics and notions? so do they actually have a good selection? are there two DWM shops and I went into the wrong one? Do they have more/better stuff than hickeys?

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