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7 February 2008 / dublinknitters

knitting in real time…


It is time to get back to some knitting…

I have returned from my “leave of absence”. I am recovering from an obsession I acquired while perusing the famous knitting website community, Ravelry.

Do you find yourself “online” perusing through the forum discussion boards, joining groups, adding friends to your friends lists, searching for patterns, searching for yarns, matching yarn to patterns…the list goes on. Well, Ravelry is all in good fun; it is a great online community, however, I really need to get back to my real passion, knitting in reality.

Raise your hands, if you are on Ravelry…well one hand, as the second hand clicks away on the Ravelry site.


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  1. Nic / Feb 29 2008 18:08

    Yup! on Ravelry as Nic. I’ve been on it a while but only started using all the fab search features recently. It’s really great. I especially love being able to look at patterns I’d like to make, check out everyone else’s projects and read their experences. It’s a real time suck tho’!

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