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11 April 2008 / dublinknitters

Magknits; no more….

I recently learned that the editor of Magknits, the online magazine offering free knitting patterns each month; has shut down the website along with hundreds of FREE knitting patterns.

Ravelry members could read the discussion threads which have been discussed in great lengths and detail.

I am one of the thousands of knitters out there who no longer have access to my favourite patterns.

I noticed Lien posted her design

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  1. heather / May 25 2008 17:50

    *shifts eyes, and whispers*

    psst… for now, the old site is still kind of available… via the “way back machine”*/

    1) Go to
    2) Type in the address of the site you are looking for where it says “Way Back Machine”
    3) Select the year you want to look at.

    Now, they have every right to have all that stuff removed.. but for *now* it is available. So go hunting 🙂

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