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1 November 2009 / dublinknitters

K & S show 2009…

Today is the last day of the Knitting and Stitching Show at the RDS. Originally, I was not going to attend this year’s show due to my academic committments, however, teaandcakes gave me a ticket and off we went on Saturday morning.

We managed to work our way through the busy aisles. I was able to spend within my budget. I went for the beads and some very nice bling this year.

How about you? What did you buy and how did you increase your stash at this annual event.

We ran into a few  Knitterly and Ravelry friends at the show on Saturday, if you are not listed here, that is because 1) you did not wear your Ravelry badge 2) I recognised your face but not your name – please accept my absentmindness, it must have been the yarn fumes that was affecting my memory…




and of course it was nice to see the crew, who worked very hard at this year’s show, there would not be a show without you….

Lisa & Jacqui


If anyone has any interesting photos, please share…we would like to see some of them.


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