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2 January 2010 / dublinknitters

starting the year on the right or left foot…


Join the Dublin Knit Collective Sock  Club 2010. This sock club is open to everyone, there are no membership fees to join, there is no sign up list and best of all, no purchase is necessary; unless you don’t have a stash of sock yarn, dpn’s (double pointed needles) or circular needles.

The concept of the DKC Sock Club 2010 is to knit socks in 2010, simple isn’t it? Set a specific goal for yourself, such as, “I want to knit 12 pairs of socks in 2010.”

There is reason to believe that there are several Dublin knitters out there who have a stash of sock yarn just waiting to grow into a pair of feet; and maybe 2010 will be the year to make a dent in your sock yarn inventory.

If you don’t know how to knit socks or just want to improve your sock knitting skills contact your LYS for a Learn to Knit Sock class this year.

No sign up list, however, you can set your DKC Sock Club goal for 2010 by submitting a comment on this blog post. Throughout the year, DKC will be calling out to the Dublin knitters to check on your progress.

To start off 2010, January’s sock theme is cure the wintery blues.  What comes to  your mind? Blue socks? Cabled socks? Breaking away from the second sock syndrome?  Use your imagination…

No pressures…just knit and enjoy!

Socking knitting classes offered in Dublin:
Knit ‘nd Make: tel. 01 4126744
This is Knit
Out of Town:
The Yarn Room

Looking for sock yarn? Why not try:

Dublin Dye Co. @ This is Knit
Fabel @ The Constant Knitter
GaietyGirl’s hand-dyed sock yarn from her Etsy Shop
Noro Kureyon @ Springwools
Regia @ Stitch
Schoppel Wolle @ The Yarn Room
Wildefoot @ This is Knit

Check the Sock Club page  for more ideas, resources and updates.



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  1. eimearee / Jan 4 2010 12:03

    Perfect! This ties in nicely with my intended Ravelympics sock knitting 🙂

  2. Deirdre / Jan 4 2010 13:13

    Sign me up, I intend to knit 10 pairs of socks in 2010 (I made it to 12 last year but I felt a bit pressured by December).

    I already have the blues with my first pair for this month, forgot the book of patterns…

  3. chicwithstix / Jan 4 2010 14:45

    My goal is to knit 12 pairs for 2010…

  4. undermeoxter / Jan 4 2010 15:01

    This is excellent timing. I was debating with myself last night about whether I’ll join Sock-a-Month KAL again. However, I’m not sure I’ll make a 12 pairs. So I’m going to aim for a sock a month i.e. 6 pairs – that sounds feasible. Sign me up!
    Do we post pics our finished pairs here? I’m going to tick the box for follow-up comments by email, anyway.

  5. Mary / Jan 5 2010 15:57

    I’m in as well as I discovered quite a few half finished pairs and more than several skeins of sock yarn while tidying over christmas so I had planned to knit at least a pair a month to use up the stash!! This will motivate me, I hope.

  6. kriskat / Jan 30 2010 13:38

    I’m in! I will try to finish at least 10 pairs. On track right now, with January’s blue finished (well, it’s a mix of blue and black), and lovely purple ones in progress for February. Yay 🙂


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