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23 July 2010 / dublinknitters

Update: impromptu SnB

I just received a message from Marta, and tomorrow’s impromptu SnB at Tiesan Cafe in Filmbase will be from 12noon to 2pm.

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22 July 2010 / dublinknitters

knitttttinnnnngggggg this Saturday…

This message was posted by one of the Dublin knitters, Marta…

Dear All,

I’m very happy to announce that Tiesan Café is opening for the first time on a weekend this Saturday, 24th July, from 10am-4pm. This is an experiment so they can see how it would be to open on Saturdays there.

Since we have been promising you for a while that we would open the café on Saturdays, I thought you’d like to be the first ones to learn about it. I’d like to invite you all to come along and knit in the great space we have upstairs in Tiesan Café, Filmbase, Curved Street.

Please let me know if you’d be interested and what times would suit best so we can have a group together there at some point.

Please spread the word 🙂

Thank you,

Meet Louisa Harding…

Why not join the free talk with Louisa Harding at This is Knit? Check out the details here

20 July 2010 / dublinknitters

Yes, virginia there is a male knitter in dublin…

I joined the knitters at Shebeen Chic last evening to find an energetic group of knitters.

When I arrived, kathy was teaching Youssa how to knit. By the end of the evening he had mastered stocking stich.

His goal: to knit a hoodie for himself…

19 July 2010 / dublinknitters

The DKC knit scene

Along with the regular SnB meet ups this week, there are a few “extras” to consider…
This coming Saturday & Sunday is the Intercultural Knit Days @ the Festival of World Cultures in Dun Laoghaire. Also, Louisa Harding will be in town, for more details contact @thisisknit (This is Knit).

For those of you who spin, it is the last Sunday of the month and the Dublin Spinning group meet up.

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17 July 2010 / dublinknitters

Intercultural Knit Days in Dún Laoghaire

Intercultural Knit Days 24th & 25th July @ the Festival of World Cultures in Dún Laoghaire.

The festival is interested in organising the event with the help of members from various knitting groups.

If you are interested please email:

15 July 2010 / dublinknitters

Knit @ The Brooks

Knitters in Dublin have been enjoying a night out at The Brooks Hote on Drury Street, every Thursday. 

You’ll find them sitting at one of the tables by the window, from 6:30pm onwards. 

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12 July 2010 / dublinknitters

Handspinning @ The Constant Knitter

As part of the Tour de Fleece this year, chicwithstix will be providing a helping hand for any drop spindlers out there who want practise or help with their spindle spinning. 

When: this coming Sunday afternoon at The Constant Knitter’s Open Day


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